Basha Live Program strategy

Basha live! an Instagram show hosted by the talented Ibrahim Abdulrahman or as he’s known for Ibrahim Basha and the program airs on his Instagram page LIVE.

In every episode, there is growth in the technical and strategic aspects of Basha live. This talk show presented in a very casual and spontaneous way, asking questions that his followers want to know about the guest and let’s not forget his great sense of humor that essentially makes the show.

But why Ibrahim Abdulrahman still not sponsored!?

He also created a youtube channel especially for Basha live where you can see the episodes in high quality. The number of subscribers increased to 13,362 in two weeks! It is only a matter of time until bash live start competing with swaarr shuai’b on youtube, But only In a different style and closer to being real, where the guest and the host receive questions and calls, unlike swear shuai’b’s show which publishes youtube pre-recorded episodes.

If you watched the three episodes you will notice that each episode was in a different location. Was this motivated by change or Ibrahim didn’t find the suitable location for his show? The show took place in his studio, office and a camp.

The number of views on youtube:

  • First episode with Aboodi Bad – 67k views
  • Second episode with the signer Ayadh – 89k views
  • Third episode with Sami Almousa and Mohammad Alhamdan 55k views

According to the nature of the guest, The show was presented:

  • Introducing the guest: Ibrahim distinguished by his nice and interesting introduction to the guests of his show
  • Questions from the public: Ibrahim ask questions asked by the followers of the guest on Hashtags #basha_live
  • Public communications: In the middle of the episode, a mobile number is placed to receive fans calls, where the caller interacts with the guest or Ibrahim through a question, request or a nice joke.

Now let’s highlight the three episodes of Basha Live:

The first episode of Basha Live with the guest Aboudi Bad was the highest watch during the broadcast on Instagram with 28 thousand views. The episode was taken place in Ibrahim Abdulrahman office in Riyadh.

In this episode, Ibrahim relies on the main sections. In addition to Aboudi bad special section, which is Doing a live prank but Aboudi didn’t have any numbers at moment So the prank turned to guessing game.

For those who of you how do not know Aboudi Bad, he is Abdullah Abdulkarim Al Hassan, 29, and his monthly phone bill goes up to SR 3,000.

The second episode of Basha Live was filmed in the company and studios Luxury KSA, which runs the work of the singer Ayed Al-Qarni.

It was the episode that was subjected to editing and delete many scenes, the basha live team deleted many of the broadcast scenes (women’s contacts Ayed), although there were followers of the show who uploaded the whole episode on YouTube without being subject to the censor; there were many comments about that.

“I lost the freedom I enjoyed in the past when I used to hide my face,” said Ayed. “I follow the celebrities of the social Media “ Buqati, Tarek, Fahd Almusaad, Muhannad Alharbi, Nayef Hamdan”

The third episode was different from the first two episodes. Sami Almousa, the owner of Alzaatar Restaurant and the comedian Mohammad Alhamdan were the guest of the show. There was a high and new leap in production and filming the episode, It took place in the middle of the desert filmed by in Real-time team.

Al-Mousa talked about his passion for cooking, that turned to a special project worth 2 million SR to start with.

Abuhammadan holds a Bachelor of Public Relations, Most of his answer were short and brief during the episode. Ibrahim concluded the show by pointing that the guests are chosen upon to the request of the public demand.

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